Friday, November 28, 2008

Thai Thai Restaurant

Today is friday... 2 hrs lunch break n dont have any plan nak merayau... suddenly Che Semah call ajak gi merayau tanpa hala tuju... hoho.. bestnyerrr.. menjemput la aku cik puan tuh... then sama2 pikir nak ke mana... with heading to sunway area, we end up with to have lunch at Thai Thai Restaurant located at Sunway Pyramid...

The moment i entered the Thai Thai... Phewwww... the word i can say!... love the ID soooooooooooo much... modern+simple+ala2 thai... what a nice deco!..

We ordered the lunch menu set.. (i guess).. consist of plain rice + chicken tomyam + somtam (can also called as papaya salad) + royal 'crunchy' money bag (i cant recall, its smething like kulit popia with 'filling').. and plain water as our drink... testimonial for the dishes = IT WAS SO GOOD... Harus repeat having meals here with my hubby!... hoh?..

And of course many thanks to Che Semah for introduce me and tremendeously falling in love with Thai Thai... (deco dia tau!... hehehe...)

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